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About Mig Productions USA
Welcome to the New Tiger Productions Diorama Products
We thank you for the support and friendship you have all shown us during our short business history. We send you warm smiles and best wishes from Eastern Tennessee.

Introduction To Tiger Productions Diorama Products
First off let me introduce myself once again. My name is Jose. T. Rodriguez. I am the owner/operator of this cottage industry company. I've been building models since I was around 8 years old. I have built all kinds of different models, yes including aircraft but finally settled on armor, and figures in 1/35 scale. I have always been a W.W.II history nut so what better way to learn and experience this period of history than through the joy of modeling. I have been able to see this industry change over the last few decades through the eyes of the consumer, as well as the manufacturer/distributor. I have seen the bloom of plaster, resin accessory/update companies come and go and have experienced the ups and downs of them being on the consumer/builder and the manufacturer/distributor end.
The Beginning:
I started Tiger Productions Diorama Products back in 1999. The aim for the company was to fill a gap in the diorama products market that was left wide open when Dutton Enterprises from California shut down operations. We set about providing quality products that were fairly priced and welcomed by the modeling public. The company started well and gained a reputation of quality, price, and good customer service. There were some ups and downs at first, the birth of a son, 9/11, 2 moves within NY State, and taking 3 years off from the business due to wanting to help out with the new addition to the family.
After the latest, greatest, and hopefully final move to northern Florida away from the snow, ice, and taxes of NY State we are now finally settled and ready to provide you the customer with even better quality products and accessories.
Having purchased the old Tiger Werke label of products from VMD, the HQ72 Resin Products line of AFV, diorama accessories from the former owner Robert Batdorf of Pennsylvania and the General Issue Resin Figures (GI) line from Tiger Model Designs (ex Tank Workshop) I look forward to incorporating all of these fine products into a well oiled distribution/production cottage industry machine.
2016.  We now riside outside of Chattanooga, TN area.
We are now the proud owners of Custom Dioramics, having purchased this legendary line from MMD/Squadron back in 2015.  We are slow releasing new products from the Custom Dioramics range that were never released before they were sold from VLS to MMD/Squadron.  The rest of the resin buildings, bases, figures and accessories will follow shortly.

I intend to provide quality customer service and a quality, fairly priced product. If you have a problem with any of our products I want to know about it. I plan to grow the Custom Dioramics line slowly as I concentrate on producing products that were already available as well as products that were never released before the sale from VLS to MMD/Squadron.
Please remember, you the customer are what makes us or breaks us. You are very important to us, and we want to provide you with the products that you want. Make yourself heard let us know what new and exiting products you want and we will work hard to make them a reality.
Thank you and may you be blessed in your travels.